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Nephele Grant

Nephele Grant

DEADLINE:10 April 2020

In "advanced" technological societies, we are all being loaded on average with 34 GB of information daily. Ninety per cent of that is transmitted visually, straining our brain and preventing it from reaching a deep-thinking cognitive revelation state. Those who wish to explore, experiment and propose new methods and habits that challenge and/or holistically test the depths of their "clouded" vision may send to The Telos Society a two-page CV (formal education/Selected ten-year experience record), and a thousand words essay in Greek or in English on what makes you eligible for the grant and how you are planning to use it to enrich your life by practicing an effective visual diet, either by lightening the load or otherwise.


All creative professionals of all disciplines, of all ages and nationalities, who have at least 10 years' experience in their respective fields.


Two grants of €1000 each will be awarded to compelling and engaging proposals, which critically address the subjective visual intake of the applicants.