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Tuition-free Bachelor's degree in Moving Images
Education Norway

Tuition-free Bachelor's degree in Moving Images

DEADLINE:30 April 2020

The Nordland School of Arts and Film BA-program teaches you to develop an artistic and critical practice within the field of moving images. The point of departure is always your own work — the school does not dictate your projects.

During your 3 years of study the central focus will be questions regarding your artistic practice: How can you develop your ideas? How can you organize your way of working? Where can your work go? How can you uphold your practice? Your tutors will help you respond to, challenge and elaborate these questions through continuous conversations focused on your work and its contexts.


Admission to the studies at Nordland kunst- og filmhøyskole takes place on the basis of passed admission tests and higher education entrance qualifications. Exceptions may be made to the requirement for higher education entrance qualifications if the applicant has reasons for not achieving this. You can then apply for an exemption or conditional offer. Applicants who qualify for it can also apply for admission based on an Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL).


The BA in Moving Images is tuition-free.

All living- and travel-expenses are paid by the students themselves.


Contact Maria Bratt at for further information, or to take part in informal online-meetings with other curious applicants.