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Performance Crossings
Festival Prague, Czech Republic

Performance Crossings


Performance Crossings 2020 is the fourth edition of an international festival focusing on performance art and related art forms which presents artists from all around the world and opens the dialogue between artists and audiences, between thoughts and their articulation.

The curatorial approach of this year is to present a diversity of topics deeply rooted in particular artistic practice. Artists are not limited by a predefined topic that might be on the one hand an important stimulus and source of inspiration, but on the other, it can have negative, limiting impacts on the creative process.


This open call is an invitation for you to submit proposals of the most beloved works, deferred concepts, extravagant or provocative ideas of various forms and lengths. Which aspects of your art practice make you most excited, amused, fulfilled? What have you wanted to do for a long time, but you found the idea too silly, awkward, inappropriate, creepy, boring, senseless or not fitting into the open calls or funding applications?

As curators, the organizers are interested first and foremost in what is truly important for you!


  • technical support
  • documentation (photo and video recording of the performance)
  • accommodation (at local house / artists flat / or arranging discount in neighborhood hotels/hostels)
  • food
  • partial cover of material costs
  • letter of intent and all support for travel / general funds
  • accompanying educational, networking & social events