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Quarantine Residency
Residency Online

Quarantine Residency

DEADLINE:30 April 2020

Quarantine Residency invites artists (or anyone who wishes to participate) to use this period of imposed quarantine as a ‘residency’ opportunity, to create artwork emerging from this experience of quarantine. If you are in a country or locality that has not yet had such a quarantine imposed upon you, you are nevertheless invited to participate – it would be best for everyone to stay at home during this period!


Any form of artwork, provided it was created during a period of quarantine or self isolation.


The selected artworks will be featured in an online exhibition starting 11 May 2020, and later in a gallery exhibition.


Please send all four items listed below via email to

  • Images of artwork made during quarantine/ self isolation period
  • A short description of yourself, where you’re from, where you’re doing your quarantine, and your work as an artist
  • A picture of the quarantine space
  • An image of the space where you have been quarantined.