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Queer and Beyond [choose category]
Exhibition Berlin

Queer and Beyond [choose category]

DEADLINE:18 October 2020

As part of the research project Postdigital Art Practices in Cultural Education, the exhibition ‘queer AND BEYOND [choose category]’ will take place 6 April – 3 May 2021 at the feldfünf project space in Berlin. The leitmotif of the exhibition is to produce a ‘Corona-compatible’ event, with three possible configurations: screen-based and installation works installed inside feldfünf and viewed from outside; an indoor performance for a limited audience; and an ephemeral artwork situated in the space’s forecourt.


The exhibition curator is calling for submissions – preferably of artworks that are digitally based or digital-related. In particular, they seek works addressing queer-political forms of resistance or queer-political potentials. In this context, ‘queer’ may be interpreted both in the narrower sense concerning queer culture and the broader sense, i.e. in a transversal fashion to the norm and as a hybrid form.


An honorarium of 750 EUR is provided for selected works.


The form of submission is not determined, but should clearly outline the materials, size, and subject of the work.

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