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Research-Based Curatorial Project
Curatorial Beijing

Research-Based Curatorial Project

DEADLINE:31 March 2021

OCAT Institute is now accepting research-based exhibition proposals from the academic and art circles. The aim is to promote the integration of art and scholarship, and to provide practical opportunities and an interactive platform for scholars and curators in the field of contemporary art and art history.


  • The submitted proposal shall be “research-based”. Through exploration of modern and contemporary Chinese art, the project aims to establish a paradigm of values, a mechanism of academic study and an alternative approach, oriented by historical research.
  • The submitted proposal shall be original and experimental. The organizers encourage relatively small-scaled and flexible exhibitions.
  • Based on the exhibition in question, exhibits to be included can range from archives, manuscripts, photographs, publications, artworks, etc. Above all, exhibitions shall emphasize scholarly merits, rather than merely exhibiting artworks.
  • Proposed exhibitions shall be curated and designed according to the provided exhibition spaces of OCAT Institute, which includes both the upper and lower galleries.
  • The proposed exhibitions shall take less than one month to install, with an exhibiting length of 2–3 months.


  • OCAT Institute will assist the selected candidates in preparing, implementing and promoting the exhibition.
  • OCAT Institute will organize a two-month shortlist exhibition for selected curators and provide each with a fund within RMB 20,000 (tax inclusive). Excess expenses shall be covered by the candidates themselves.
  • OCAT Institute will provide all available exhibition space for the final selected candidate(s) for 2–3 months, depending on the schedule of exhibitions at OCAT Institute.
  • OCAT Institute will provide a fund of 300,000 RMB (tax-inclusive) for the final selected candidate(s) of the Research-Based Curatorial Project. Any expense in excess of this shall be covered by the candidates themselves.
  • The OCAT Institute will assist the final selected candidate(s) in the editing and production of exhibition brochures and other publications.