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Education Amsterdam, Netherlands



The Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten invites applications from artists to develop their work over one or two-year periods in Amsterdam.

Artists are supported with a studio, a stipend, by a wide range of artistic and technical advisors, including artists, curators and thinkers, and have access to well-equipped workshops, a library and discursive engagement.


Application is open to artists with at least 2 years of independent professional experience after finishing education. Most candidates have finished a MA degree but this is not obligatory. There are no age limits, however most artists at the Rijksakademie are between 27 and 35 years old.


Every selected artist will have a studio, a stipend to contribute to living expenses (in 2020: €14,000) and a working budget (in 2020: €1,500).

The annual contribution is €2750 to be paid before the start of the residency.


Artists living in Egypt, or other countries on the DAC list, do not have to pay the Euro 50 application fee.