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Saari Residence
Residency Mynämäki, Finland

Saari Residence

DEADLINE:31 March 2020

The Saari Residence, maintained by Kone Foundation, is a residence located in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland, for professional artists of all disciplines and nationalities. It offers an excellent opportunity to focus undisturbed on creative work in the scenic surroundings of a rural manor house, as well as opportunities for interaction with other residents.

Open call for residencies is always for the residency place for the following year.


The residency places are intended for individual professional artists, fiction writers, poets and novelists, translators, curators and critics and artistic collectives (work group or an established organization with a Business ID) of all disciplines and all nationalities for the purpose of carrying out a project proposal presented in advance. Non-fiction writers and researcher are not eligible to apply for the Residency.


An individual residency spanning two months includes accommodation, a workroom and a monthly grant, the sum of which is determined by the applicant’s experience. The purpose of the grant is to cover the cost of living, travel costs and other expenses. Groups can apply for travel expenses for a work period of one to four weeks.

Also, you can apply for support for slow travel if you are coming to Saari Residence from outside of Finland and travelling out of Finland when leaving. If the journey takes more than a week in total, it is possible to also apply for a work grant for the journey. Slow travel refers to avoiding flying and other ecologically unsustainable means of transport.