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Science without Borders® Challenge

Science without Borders® Challenge

DEADLINE:1 March 2021

The Science Without Borders® Challenge is an international contest that engages students and teachers in ocean conservation through art.

The theme for this year’s Science without Borders® Challenge is “The Magic of Mangroves.” Mangroves are extremely important ecosystems providing many benefits. For this year’s theme, create a piece of art that illustrates how mangroves are important.


This international art competition is open to all students 11-19 years old. Students must be enrolled in primary or secondary school, or the home school equivalent. College and university students are not eligible for this contest.


Winners of the Science Without Borders® Challenge will be awarded with the following scholarships:

  • 1st Place: USD$500
  • 2nd Place: USD$350
  • 3rd Place: USD$200