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Social Art Award
Prize Berlin, Germany

Social Art Award


The Social Art Award is an initiative by the Institute for Art and Innovation. The goal of the Award is to explore and promote social art as a mean to foster social, ecological or political impact and change. The Award aims at strengthening the recognition of social artists and the value of their work.

The Social Art Award 2019 targets two categories:

Category 1 is fully open, looking for the most impactful contributions to “We are the people – catalyzing peaceful revolutions through the power of the many”

Category 2 looks for the most impactful global symbol (a visual logo) for peaceful revolutions enabling anyone to show their commitment for non-violent change. Best would be an option that communities can localize/ co-brand with their flag or movement visual, thus, it can be targeted as their specific local movement, yet showing solidarity with the global movement of peaceful change makers.


The Award is open to anyone aged 18 years and over. There are no restrictions based on gender, training or nationality.

Applicants can submit one or more artworks/ projects, of any medium. Each submission must be based on a short description in English language and one image (photo or video/film still or other visualization). The artworks/ projects must be accurately portrayed through the image submitted.


It is the goal of the Social Art Award to invigorate social art and strengthen social artists. The award recognizes the efforts and quality of artworks and projects in the field of social art. Additionally to the online platform, a printed book, the ceremony and the traveling group exhibition extend the reach, create publicity, and build awareness for the field of social art and the artists and cultural producers involved and enhancing the discussion around the topic. The applicants gain recognition and add value for their professional career.

The selected submissions of stage 1 will be covered and published in a book. They must be prepared to send up to 3 printable images in high resolution upon request.

The 3 selected artists of stage 2 will additionally present their artwork/ projects during a group exhibition in Berlin, Germany in Spring 2020. Given that they provide the necessary extended information including up to 3 printable images in high resolution.

All applicants will receive a digital version of the book free of charge. They can order printed copies on their own costs.