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Solidarity Fund for Artists and Cultural Organizations in Africa (SOFACO)
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Solidarity Fund for Artists and Cultural Organizations in Africa (SOFACO)

DEADLINE:30 June 2020

The African Culture Fund (ACF) launches the Solidarity Fund for Artists and Cultural Organizations in Africa (SOFACO) in order to support the resilience of African artists and cultural actors whose activities have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

For this call, the Fund supports creative activities and projects, production and dissemination of works, and capacity building in the fields of the performing arts (music, dance and theater) and the visual arts (plastic arts traditional, photography, digital art, design, fashion, decorative arts as well as all pre-production, production, post-production, broadcasting and distribution activities in the cinematographic and audiovisual disciplines).


  • Be an artist with at least five years of experience, practicing and residing in Africa (proof required);
  • Hold an artist card or equivalent document (provide a copy of the card or document);
  • Provide a document showing your biography, your artistic career, your artistic approach and an overview of your artistic works (3 pages maximum);
  • Demonstrate a situation of vulnerability (or a shortfall) arising from the Covid-19 health crisis;
  • Submit a project request for subsistence (food grant, health grant or professional grant) or for assistance to creation (artistic creation or innovation within the context of Covid-19).
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from at least one recognized reference person in the discipline you practice (pointing out the need and urgency to support you).


For any request made within the framework of this call, the amount to be granted by the ACF is 2,000 (Two thousand) US Dollars per artist. The funding covers a period between 4 months minimum and 6 months maximum.