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Tandem 360°

Tandem 360°

DEADLINE:29 June 2020

Tandem is a cultural collaboration programme that strengthens civil society in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Participating organisations get a chance to connect with change-makers across the region. In the spirit of ‘Doing-it-together’, the one-year programme offers a space to experiment with multidisciplinary project ideas, ecosystem mapping and inventive approaches to create change through culture.


The Tandem programme for cultural exchange is looking for 20 civil society and cultural activists from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and from Libyan initiatives and collectives displaced in these countries, to join the first round of Tandem 360°.

ELIGIBLE TO APPLY ARE: Independent cultural NGOs, non-hierarchical and open-minded public institutions or civil society initiatives which are well rooted in a local community and have an established professional network.

You should have the (organisational and financial) capacity, ambition and experience to engage in a one-year intensive international programme, as well as be ready to commit to providing sufficient work time of one employee in your organisation.


  • Mutual 12-day work visits at your Tandem partner organisation
  • 4 Tandem network and training meetings with moderated peer-to-peer learning sessions and input by experienced trainers
  • Methods and Tools for professional and organisational development
  • Ongoing expert advice for the development of the cross-border collaborations
  • Start-up funding of EUR 7,500 for a pilot project to develop in collaboration with your Tandem partner
  • Being part of a network of more than 400 cultural activists across Europe and its neighbouring regions