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Stückemarkt Theatertreffen
Festival Berlin, Germany

Stückemarkt Theatertreffen


Every year in May, Theatertreffen convenes theatre makers, journalists and guests from around the globe in Berlin.

Under the heading “Against Separation”, Stückemarkt is looking for works from all parts of the world that explore the concept of solidarity from a perspective of art and aesthetics, to be presented at the festival.

Stückemarkt is looking for new forms of authorship and innovative theatre languages. Both authors and theatre collectives can apply in this international competition. Various forms of authorship lead to a theatre piece, therefore submissions can include plays and projects – e.g. site-specific projects, theatrical interventions, narrative spaces – as well as performances that are based on documentary material and located on the interface of different artistic disciplines. They are particularly interested in young authors and artists who explore new narrations and perspectives, creating innovative, world-building languages.


  • theatre makers from all over the the world can apply; they should be at the beginning of their career
  • every theatre maker and every collective can only submit one work
  • the submitted work may not be older than 1.5 years at the time of the application
  • theatres, publishing houses and universities can also submit plays and projects in order to take part in the entire Stückemarkt-programme, applicants should have good to very good English language skills, since the events will partly be conducted in English


An invitation to Stückemarkt includes:

  • presentation of the selected artistic work (play or project) in its specific form (as a staged reading, site-specific installation, guest performance or similar). Projects will be presented as guest performances, plays will be produced as staged readings by a team of renowned artists, assembled by the Stückemarkt team
  • presentation of the selected artists in the form of artist talks
  • exchange and networking with theatre makers, artists, playwrights, curators, critics and editors
  • attendance at Stückemarkt-presentations
  • participation in Stückemarkt-events (workshops, artist talks, networking events and more)
  • opportunities to see the productions invited to Theatertreffen and participation in additional Theatertreffen-events
  • cover of travel expenses
  • travel by public transport within Berlin hotel accommodation including breakfast

One of the invited artists or groups will be awarded a commission of work, funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/ bpb). The commission entails 10,000 Euro for the realisation of a new production at a partner theatre in Germany.