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Townhouse Artist Residency
Residency Cairo, Egypt

Townhouse Artist Residency


Townhouse residency applications are open year round, there are seasonal selection meetings upon studio availability.


Eligible for Townhouse Residency Program are artists with works-in-progress or with entirely new projects in the following artistic areas: visual art, painting, photography, performance, film-making, curating and writing practice. Townhouse Director and Residency Program Manager will make all admissions decisions; those decisions will be final. The selection process will take into consideration the originality and coherence of the project proposal, the quality of their creative work, project diversity.

Applicants are responsible for covering their studio, production and living expenses during the term of the residency, including food, travel to and from Townhouse, art materials and supplies, equipment rentals and studio fees.


There are ten studios. They each include a table and two chairs. There is a shared bathroom for all the studio residents. Each resident has access to the internet.