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DEADLINE:20 May 2020

The COVID-19 coronavirus seems to have brought a necessary slowdown, if not a downright halt to artistic and cultural gatherings, exchanges and cross-border productions.

TransCultural Exchange is proposing a virtual, global art project with the aim of continuing to encourage international exchange among artists, showcasing works to new audiences and fostering dialog among peoples of different cultures - without anyone having to leave their homes.


  • Artists (of any discipline), residing anywhere in the world.
  • Venues of any kind (a gallery, concert hall, theater, residency, library, cultural center, artist collective - essentially, any entity that has a website), existing anywhere in the world.
  • There is no cost to participate.
  • The organizers encourage all artists and venues shuttered by COVID-19 to participate.
  • Artists do not need to submit a new work to participate in this Project
  • Due to high volume of requests to participate, the organizers would appreciate receiving submissions as soon as possible.


  • Venues will receive a virtual, ready-made, international, artistic and cultural exchange program to offer their patrons, meaning a new reason to attract patrons to their websites.
  • Venues will gain from publicity of the Project by TransCultural Exchange, the other venues and participating artists.
  • Venues will be acknowledged on TransCultural Exchange website, indicating their support of the Project's aim to safely share works that artists from around the world are doing, while also providing those same makers with additional visibility outside their homes.
  • Artists' works will gain from this same publicity, be seen in new venues and by potentially new audiences.
  • Artists will also know that they are supporting those who have presented their work in the past, their international peers, patrons and global public in this shuttered time.
  • Most of all: artistic and cultural exchanges and interactions will continue to be celebrated and those who find solace in the arts in difficult times will have a new way to do so.


Send your submission to following the instructions on the linked website.