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Vacant Zone
Residency Online

Vacant Zone

DEADLINE:31 May 2020

VACANT ZONE is an online artist residency project, devised in November 2019.

During the residency two selected participants – chosen or invited – share the vacant zone experience: being there, dialoguing, reflecting and in the end, supported at a technical level, realizing the form and the shape that the project will take from that moment.

Each residency will last four months, at the end of which the website will go blank, in a latent state until the next inhabitance.


The Vacant Zone artist residency is open to all artists, scientists, writers, researchers without any distinction of nationality, age, techniques used or connected themes.

The only required things are the possibility to connect online in a stable way and an intermediate level of English.


The two selected participants are guaranteed:

  • Public website
  • Online workspace
  • Curatorship of the project
  • Technical support and tutoring during the first defining phase of the project
  • Technical collaboration with a professional programmer in the realization phase of the project
  • Promotion and communication activity