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Vision into the Future!

Vision into the Future!

DEADLINE:31 July 2020

The Miller-Zillmer Foundation's first annual call for applications for project funding addresses projects that focus on the audio-visual perspective of human and social (living) world.


The Foundation supports projects:

  • -which are thematically linked and correspond to the foundation's purposes.
  • -which are interrelated and innovative.
  • -whether cooperation and/or funding partners and personal financial resources are involved.
  • -preferably with an integrative character.
  • -with clear time lines.
  • -with perspectives for a longer-term cooperation.


Within four to six weeks of your application, the foundation will give you a feedback. Once they decide to pursue your project idea further, they will ask you for a detailed project description and an exact cost and financing plan.

If the foundation decides to support your project, the funding conditions and the funding amount will be set out in writing.


Application form is in German only.