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We Are Data Fellowship
Fellowship Cairo, Egypt

We Are Data Fellowship


We Are Data is a 7-month long fellowship program based in Cairo that is a collaboration between Cairotronica - Cairo Electronic and New Media Arts Festival and IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture. The program aims to build an interdisciplinary practice that integrates emerging technologies with art and design. Beyond the more traditional and technical questions on ‘how’ to use these new technologies, the program also focuses on drawing more attention to the question of ‘why’ we use them.

The program will begin in November 2019. It comprises monthly workshops, meet-ups, mentorship and other activities. Projects developed during the program will be exhibited during the third festival edition of Cairotronica in June 2020.


Applicants from different disciplines of art, design, software development, electronics engineering and architecture, who are interested in new technology and multidisciplinarity, are invited to apply. Also, artists or other practitioners who are interested in working with other disciplines and developing their technical and theoretical skills.


We Are Data comprises 6 workshops in Cairo. Each workshop is 4 days long: 3 days of conceptual, technical and theoretical lectures, discussions, and sessions, with one day of reflection. The workshop instructors will provide supervision to follow the work and concept development of the participants throughout the duration of the program. They will give feedback, advice and engage in a discussion based on each participant’s needs in relation to their project(s).

Each participant will receive a production grant of up to 500 Euro.

The program will take place over seven months (November 2019 - May 2020): 6 months of workshops, mentorship and a monthly meetup, with one month where participants develop their own projects. A capstone project presentation from each fellow will take place at Cairotronica festival in June 2020.