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Web Residencies

Web Residencies


The latest call for Web Residencies by Solitude and ZKM aims to look into the possibilities and limitations, gains and losses of automated care.

Challenging the common narratives about artificial empathy and the robotic imaginary, the call welcomes projects that address care’s economization and instrumentalization, or shed light on forms of radical, collective, and critical care. These might be tools, networks, and infrastructures for human, more-than-human, or machinic worlds, as well as initiatives, formations, and assemblages that aim to maintain, repair, or build relations and bonds.


»Engineering Care« invites artists, designers, technologists, and activists to submit proposals for new or ongoing works that capture how we will live and work with machines, and how relationships and dependencies might change.

Works in text, performance, documentary video and fiction, 3D objects, net sculptures and installations, web archives, apps, and any other experimental mediums are invited. Selected projects should be carried out in open-source formats that are well-documented, shareable, and consider the accessibility of its users, who may range in age, race, gender, economic class, and ability.


For each call, the curator selects four project proposals, whose creators are rewarded with a four-week residency and 750 USD. All selected web residents are nominated for the production prize HASH by Solitude & ZKM which will be awarded on February 21st, 2020.