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Wysing Arts Centre Residencies
Residency Cambridge, UK

Wysing Arts Centre Residencies


During 2020, Wysing Arts Centre will put broadcasting at the centre of its artistic programme; to connect with remote audiences in a way that enables us to listen, as well as to transmit, ideas using digital and other technologies. Through exhibitions, events, residencies, retreats and their annual music festival, the organizers will work with a range of artists and contributors across the year to explore how broadcast technologies, in particular radio, can enable the communication of ideas and create dialogue and understanding.

The gallery will become an expanded studio space where ideas are explored, including through exhibitions, commissioned and archival artworks, recorded events with live audiences, new collaborations, and through works that are made specifically to be broadcast from Wysing.


It is within this context that expressions of interest are invited from artists to be in Residence at Wysing during 2020.


The organizers are open to when residencies take place so please tell them what would work best for you, and how much funding you will need. They expect to fund most residencies between £1,000-£5,000, to include fees, travel and production.


There is a two-part process for application. The first asks for an initial expression of interest in response to the context of the 2020 programme, alongside some background information. Following this initial phase, approximately twenty proposals will be selected to be worked up in further detail.