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Yango II Biennial
Exhibition Kinshasa, DRC

Yango II Biennial

DEADLINE:31 January 2021

Yango Biennial, founded in 2014 by artist Kiripi Katembo, advocates a specific format for its second edition, playing with the non-determinations of the idea of “contemporary art” – to support a multiplicity of art forms. Read the curatorial statement.

The Yango II Biennial will reach the city of Kinshasa from November 5 to December 5, 2021. This is an open call for applications from artists who wish to participate.


The degree of adequacy of the project with the conceptual axes of the biennial constitutes the determining criteria for the selection of the candidatures to participate in the biennial.

The Biennial will inform only the applicants whose proposals have been selected.

If the application file does not meet the description of the application file on the website, it won’t be evaluated.